1944 - 1945





The 10th Fuselier Battalion is raised at Casteau, Belgium, on December 12 1944.

The battalion recieves its training at Casteau.

On February 13 1945 the 10th Fuselier Battalion comes under the operational command of the 3rd US Army.

Until the beginning of March 1945 the 10th Fuselier Battalion guards vital installations
in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg.

On March 6th 1945 the battalion is in Germany, in the area of Berdorf.

The battalion follows the advance of the 3rd US Army in Germany, and takes up positions in the area of Trier - Bad Kreuznach.

Starting end of April 1945 the battalion is assigned the protection of the pipe-line from Bretzenheim to Selbach.

Gent, September 10 1945
The 10th Fuselier Battalion parades in Gent
in celebration of the 1st anniversary of the Liberation
  Staff of the 10th Fuselier Battalion, a few weeks before disbandment.

On July 13 1945 the 10th Fuselier Battalion is assigned to the 21st Army Group,
and returns to the barracks at Beverlo, Belgium.

From July 27 1945 until September 11 1945 the 10th Fuselier Battalion takes up guard duties
 in the port of Gent, for the 16th L. of C. Sub Area.

The 10th Fuselier Battalion is disbanded on October 21 1945.

Commanding Officers :
Major NOLLET from the start until February 14 1945
Major SONDERVORST from February 14 1945 until March 30 1945
Major VAN DEN BRANDT from March 30 1945 until disbandment






The battalion created its own formation badge.

A black wolf's head facing to the left, in a yellow-green shield with black border.

Formation Badge of the 10th Fuselier Battalion   Private wearing the Formation Badge