1944 - 1945





The 11th Fuselier Battalion was raised at Namur, Belgium, on December 11, 1944.

On February 12, 1945 the battalion came under the operational command of the 3rd US Army.

The battalion fulfilled guard duties in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg and in Germany.

March 1945, Pétange, Grand Duchy of Luxemburg.
Elements of the 11th Fuselier Battalion.
May 1945, Nuremberg, Germany.
Watch the Nazi slogan on the wall.

One of the cities where the battalion was stationed, was Nuremberg, the heart of Nazi Germany.

Poster informing the citizens of Anseremme of the burial of fuselier DE RUYSCHER, 11th Fuselier Battalion.

On July 13, 1945 the battalion returned to the camp of Beverlo, Belgium,
and was assigned to the 21st Army Group.

September 1945, Zedelgem, Belgium.
General view on the P.O.W. camp guarded by the 11th Fuselier Battalion.
The double fence of the P.O.W. camp.

The battalion performed guard duties on the lines of communications in Belgium
and in the POW camp of Zedelgem.

The 11th Fuselier Battalion was disbanded on December 24, 1945.

Commanding officer :
Major DE WULF.





Because the 11th Fuselier Battalion was assigned to the 3rd US Army,
the battalion was allowed to wear the formation badge of the 3rd US Army.
A white capital "A" surrounded by a red circle, the whole in a blue circle.

Formation Badge of the 3rd US Army   Belgian workmanship    


Lapel Badge as worn on civilian clothing


While assigned to the 21st Army Group, from half July 1945 until disbandment,
the battalion wore the formation badge of the Lines of Communication Troops.
A blue cross on a red shield.

Formation Badge of the LOC Troops of the 21st Army Group.
It was only this version that was worn by the 11th Fuselier Battalion.