1944 - 1945





The 12th Fuselier Battalion was raised at Charleroi, Belgium, on December 11, 1944.

On February 12, 1945 the battalion came under operational command of the 1st US Army.

It is on March 10, 1945, i.e. the third day of the Remagen bridgehead,
that the 4th Company of the 12th Fuselier Battalion crosses the Rhine as first Belgian Army unit.

The Commander of the 4th Company was Lieutenant DESCAMPE, a reserve officer.

Remagen Bridge as the 4th Company of the 12th Fuselier Battalion
saw it, when they were to cross the Rhine on March 10, 1945.
  May 1945, Erfurt, Germany.
On guard duty.


On March 29 1945 the battalion reaches Erfurt, Germany.

In June 1945 the battalion returns to Valenciennes, in France, near the border with Belgium.

The town of Marcinelle in Belgium presented a flag to the 12th Fuselier Battalion.
We see Major FRAEYS behind the flag, with US Major LEIB on his left side.

After supplementary training the battalion returns to Belgium, and is assigned
as guard unit to the P.OW. Camp at Overijsse, Belgium.

Certificate given to each member of the 12th Fuselier Battalion in December 1945, when the battalion was disbanded.

The 12th Fuselier Battalion is disbanded on December 24, 1945.

Commanding Officers :

Commanding Officer Major FRAEYS





A golden deer on a blue - white shield.
The deer is the symbol of the Ardennes in Belgium, the region from where
most of the men of the 12th Fuselier Battalion originates.
The blue - white background represents the crossing of the Rhine.

The 4th Company of the 12th Fuselier Battalion, the first Belgian unit to cross the Rhine, had its own formation badge.
It consists of the formation badge of the 12th Fuselier Batallion with the inscription "4Cie",
which is the abbreviation in French for "4th Company".

Formation Badge of the 12th Fuselier Battalion   Formation Badge of the 4th Company
of the 12th Fuselier Battalion
Lapel badge worn on civilian clothing


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