1944 - 1946





The 13th Fuselier Battalion was raised in Antwerpen, Putte and Ekeren, on November 16 1944.

It was composed of volunteers recruited from the Secret Army
and the Royal National Movement under the commandement of Senior Captain GONZE.

September 6 1944, Antwerpen.
Members of the unit of Royal National Mouvement commanded by Senior Captain GONZE.

They received no training because it was assumed that they had already sufficient military background,
due to their resistance actions during the liberation of the region of Antwerpen.

 Spring 1945, Mariaburg (Antwerpen).
Departure parade of the 13th Fuselier Battalion.
In front Major BALESTRIE, second row Senior Captain GONZE and Captain VAN BEVER.

The battalion was assigned to the 21st Army Group.

The battalion performed guard duties in Belgium and Holland.

On April 10 1945 the battalion is administratively attached to the 14th Fuselier Brigade "ANTWERPEN".

On May 30 1945 the 13th Fuselier Battalion enters Germany,
where they take part on the occupation of the region of Emst - Hagen - Menden.

July 21 1945, Iserlohn, Germany.
The battalion parades before Major CLAES.

August 1945, Hagen, Germany.

The 13th Fuselier Battalion returns to Belgium on November 28 1945,
and is disbanded on January 5 1946.

Commanding officers :
Major BALESTRIE from the beginning until April 1945
Major CLAES from April 1945 until August 1945
Major DERIE from August 1945 until disbandment.





By the end of September 1945 the battalion wears the Formation Badge of the 14th Fuselier Brigade "ANTWERPEN".

A yellow heraldic lion ramping to the left, in front of a black capital "A",with a black "14" beneath.
The whole on a scarlet shield.

Formation Badge of the 14th Fuselier Brigade "ANTWERPEN"
worn by the 13th Fuselier Battalion.

1Sgt LAUWERS of the 13th Fuselier Battalion
wearing the Formation Badge of the 14th Fuselier Brigade "ANTWERPEN".


Due to their active role in the liberation of the region of Antwerpen,
the battalion was authorized to wear the shoulder title "ANTWERP 1944",
or "ANVERS 1944", because the battalion was bilingual.

The same title exists as a arm title version.

Slip-on shoulder strap as worn by the fuseliers of the 13th Fuselier Battalion.


Slip-on shoulder strap title version


Arm title version

A second type of arm title, with the text "ANVERS 1945", also exists, but is is not known if this arm title has been worn.

2nd arm title

A bronze coloured breast pocket badge was also worn.
The head of a panther facing to the left, in a circle with the inscription "BELGIUM PANTHERE",
the whole on a compass-card in a circle.

Breast Pocket Badge of the 13th Fuselier Battalion.


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