1945 - 1946





The 15th Fuselier Battalion is raised at Champion, Belgium, on January 12, 1945.

On March 4, 1945 the battalion comes under the operational command of the 9th US Army.

The 4th Company of the 15th Fuselier Battalion crosses the Rhine on March 28, 1945,
and takes up a defensive position in the vicinity of Wesel.

During April 1945 the battalion guards German P.O.W.'s in the Ruhr area, and advances into Hannover.

Anrath, Germany, May 1945.
Chaplain VANGENECHTEN and the battalion doctor talking with liberated Belgians.

The 15th Fuselier battalion returns to Valenciennes, France, near the Belgian border.

On August 14, 1945 the battalion is assigned to the 21st Army Group.

The companies are dispersed in the area of Gent and his harbour, and are mainly used for guard duties.

In December 1945 the battalion again guards German P.OW.'s,
this time at the P.O.W. camp of Kwaremont, Belgium.

The 15th Fuselier Battalion is disbanded on February 28, 1946.

Commanding officers :
Lietenant-Colonel BOSSUYT from the start until June 27, 1945
Major DIDIER from June 27, 1945 until December 10, 1945
Major LARDINOIS from December 10, 1945 until disbandment.





A yellow lion head, symbol of the "Secret Army", the most reknown Belgian resistance mouvement,
above a green dragon being pierced by a red spear.
Under it all 3 red chevrons, the whole on a yellow shield.

Because the 15th Fuselier Battalion was assigned to the 9th US Army,
the battalion was allowed to wear the formation badge of the 9th US Army.

Formation Badge of the 15th Fuselier Battalion  

Formation Badge of the 9th US Army
as worn by the 15th Fuselier Battalion


Lapel badge worn on civilian clothing