1945 - 1946





The 17th Fuselier Battalion was raised at Péruwelz, Belgium, on January 15th 1945.

On March 3rd 1945 the 17th Fuselier Battalion is assigned to the 1st US Army,
and comes under the operational command of the 3rd Tank Destroyer Group of the 5th US Army Corps.

The battalion enters Germany on March 11th 1945, and on March 25th 1945, the Rhine is crossed at Hönningen.

April 1945, the 17th Fuselier Battalion in Kassel.

June 1945, the 17th Fuselier Battalion in Nürnberg

On April 28th the 17th Fuselier Battalion reaches Leipzig, and is transferred to the 3rd US Army,
together with the 5th US Army Corps.

On May 5th 1945 the battalion captures the entire Staff of the 9th German Luftwaffe Army,
in the woods near Bayreuth.

May 8th 1945, liberation of Pilsen, Czechoslavakia.

The 17th Fuselier Battalion reaches the Czech border on May 8th 1945
and advances into the city of Pilsen, where it helps to liberate the city.

During the whole campaign in Germany elements of the 17th Fuselier Battalion reinforced
the 16th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad APO 230 US Army.


Above : standard donated by the town of Péruwelz, Belgium
Under : pennant donated by the city of Pilsen, Czechoslovakia.


Letter of congratulations, signed by Major HAZARD,
to be read to all fuseliers, as a token of appreciation.

On July 11th 1945 the battalion is transferred to the 21st Army Group,
and returns to Belgium where it arrives at Leopoldsburg on July 13th 1945.

From now on, the 17th Fuselier Battalion mainly guards POL depots and lines of communications in Belgium,
until its disbandment on March 31st 1946.

Commanding officers ;

Commanding Officer Major HAZARD





Initially the battalion wore the formaton badge of the US Tank Destroyer Groups.

After the liberation of Pilsen the battalion created its own formation badge.

The "Perron" of the city of Liège, symbol of liberty, flanked by 2 tank destroyers,
under the "perron" a black capital "V" from Victory, and the colours of Czechoslovakia white-blue-red.
The whole in a yellow circle with black border.

Formation Badge of the 17th Fuselier Battalion



Formation Badge of the US Tank Destroyer Groups
as worn by the 17th Fuselier Battalion


Other model


Beginning 1946 a breast pocket badge was made and worn.

Breast Pocket badge of the 17th Fuselier Battalion



Lapel badge worn on civilian clothing


Smaller Lapel Badge, metal colour