1945 - 1947





In March 1945 the British Intelligence Service wanted to recruit Belgian men and women
with the prospect of the creation of the 1st District Censorhip Station in view.

Beside the 2 national languages, Dutch and French, they had to have mastered English and German.

The first recruits worked in Brugge, Belgium, where they censored the mail
of the German POW's detained in Belgium.

On August 25 1945 a first contingent left Belgium for Bonn, Germany.

The 1 DCS was stationned at the Ermekeil Kaserne in Bonn.

Ermekeil Kaserne, Bonn, August 1946.

Ermekeil Kaserne, censors of the 1DCS. Watch the variety of clothing.

The censors were billeted around the Ermekeil Kaserne in requisitionned civilian houses.

In 1946 several warvolunteers, having been demobilised and looking for a job,
joined the 1st DCS as civilian employees.

When the last Belgian contingent arrived in Bonn, a total of 1.600 civilians worked
for the 1st District Censorship Station.

The main task was censoring all mail of the British Zone of Occupied Germany.

They specially focused on detecting members of the SS and the Gestapo, and collaborators.

Bonn, June 1946, Ermekeil Kaserne. Censors at work.

Miss WOOFENDER, Chief Censor called "Head Table Sorter".

All censors were temporarily assimilated NCO or junior officer.

Identity Card of censor 1DCS.

Entry card Grand Dining Hall 1DCS, Bonn.

When working in the Eermekeil Kaserne civilian clothes were worn.

The censors had a semi military uniform that was worn only when they went outside the Ermekeil area
or on special occasions such as the Belgian National Holiday.

The main purpose  of wearing the uniform was to create a kind of authority to impress the German polulation.

Bonn, 1946. MARCHAL Marie-Louise and her friend VAN CEULEBROECK Renée
both wearing the uniform of the 1st DCS.
Bonn 1946,MARCHAL Marie-Louise at her flat in the Goebenstrasse.

All Belgian civilians working for the 1st District Censorship Station were discharged in 1947.

Certificate received by all civilians when discharged.   Monthly magazine issued by the 1st DCS


Christmas card from the 1st DCS.





In 1946 a Formation Badge was created.

A shield with the Belgian National Colours, with a Belgian crown above,
the whole on the shield of the Lines of Communication Troops of the 21st Army Group.

The Formation Badge was worn on the left upper sleeve.

Formation Badge of the 1st DCS   "Self made" version of the Formation Badge of the 1st DCS


Bonn, 1946. Censor GRASSER Emile wearing the Formation Badge.



2 arm titles were worn on the black uniform.

On the left upper sleeve, above the Formation Badge, a black curved arm title,
with white border and  white "DCS" letters was worn.

Arm Title of the 1st DCS

Arm title with inverted letters.
Has been  worn.

On the right upper sleeve a black curved arm title,
with white border and  white "BELGIUM" letters was worn.

"BELGIUM" arm title worn by the 1st DCS.



At the end of 1946 a breast pocket badge was made.

The pocket badge was a copy of the Formation Badge.

Breast Pocket Badge of the 1st DCS

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