The 20th Fuselier Battalion is raised at Hasselt, Belgium, on March 3 1945.

The battalion receives its military instruction at Péruwelz, Belgium.

The 20th Fuselier Battalion is attached to the 15th Fuselier Brigade,
but is assigned to the 21st Army Group on April 27 1945.

The 20th Fuselier Battalion delivers guard detachements for the P.O.W. camps ofEnghien, and Ronse.

On July 14 1945 the battalion leaves for Germany where it will guard vital installations in the region of Köln.

The 20th Fuselier Battalion returns to Belgium on September 9 1945.

Guard detachment of
the 20th Fuslier Battlion
Letter from
the 20th Fuselier Battalion

After suplementary training the 20th Fuselier Battalion is stationed in Brussels
where it has the honour of delivering guard detachements for the Royal Palace.

On January 1 1946 most of the warvolunteers are demobilised,
and the rest of the battalion becomes the core of a new unit.

Commanding officer :
Major NOWE





Because the 20th Fuselier Battalion was part of the 15th Fuselier Brigade,
and as most of the fuseliers originates from the resistance,
the 20th Fuselier Battalion wore with pride the formation badge of the 15th Fuselier Brigade.

A heraldic yellow lion facing to the left, on a scarlet shield.
Above the word "RESISTANCE", beneath the word "WEERSTAND",
i.e.the Flemish word for Resistance.

Formation Badge of the 20th Fuselier Battalion


Lapel badge worn on civilian clothing