The 21st Fuselier Battalion is raised at Namur on February 14 1945.

After its initial training period, the battalion is assigned to the 15th US Army and comes
under the operational command of the 22nd US Army Corps.

Namur, April 5 1945, the 21st Fuselier Battalion is leaving town, destination Germany.

The battalion is transferred to the area of Aachen and Euskirchen.

The battalion is dispersed, and several areas in Germany and the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg
are assigned for guarding vital installations.

Marmagen, Germany, summer 1945. Raising of the colours.

The companies stay at Monschau, Mutzenich, Kalterherberg, Rötgen, Moresnet,
Marmagen, Mechernich, Vogelsand and Düren.

Summer 1945, Marmagen, Germany. Control of German civilians..

On May 20 1945 the battalion is administratively attached to the 27th Fuselier Brigade.

Marmagen, Germany, summer 1945. HQ of the 4th Company 21st Fuselier Battalion.

On June 19 1945 the mission with the 15th US Army comes to an end
and the 21st Fuselier Battalion is put at the disposal of the 21st Army Group.

The battalion returns to the town of Genval in Belgium on October 25 1945.

On November 8 1945 the battalion is administratively attached to the 19th Fuselier Battalion.

The 21st Fuselier Battalion is disbanded at Brussels on December 31 1945.

Commanding Officers
Major LISFRANC from the start until May 15 1945
Major JAMMAERS from May 15 1945 until disbandment





During its stay in Germany the 21st Fuselier Battalion wore the Formation Badge of the 15th US Army.

An "A" on a five-sided shape with red and white blocks forming a Roman "X".

Once the battalion returned to Belgium, it was forbidden to wear the Formation Badge.

Formation Badge of the 15th US Army worn by the 21st Fuselier Battalion.


EVRARD Raymond, in US uniform, wearing the Formation Badge of the 15th US Army.


While staying at the German village of Roetgen, the 3rd Platoon of the 2nd Company discovered a billiard  table.

They took the billiardcloth, and made badges for the whole platoon.

A red diagonal bar on a green shield.

Badge of the 3rd Platoon 2nd Company 21st Fuselier Battalion.

The badge was worn in Germany, but was removed from the uniform once the unit returned to Belgium.

Most of the men kept their badge as a souvenir.



Belgian Rank Insignia were worn.

On the shoulder straps the crossed rifles were  worn above the number "21".

1st Sergeant RUSSEUW wearing the "21" and the crossed rifles.

The Infantry flash was worn on both sleeves.

On the left sleeve the white "BELGIUM" title was worn.

On the right sleeve the Belgian National Colours were worn.

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