The 22nd Fuselier Battalion is raised at Charleroi, Belgium, on february 14 1945.

On April 8 1945 the battalion is assigned to the 15th US Army
and comes under the operational command of the 12th US Army Corps.

The battalion is transferred to the area of Monshau, Germany,
where it is attached to the 16th US Cavalry Group.

The main task of the battalion was guarding vital installations and the search for Nazi elements.

Requisition Oder from the 22nd Fuselier Battalion
signed by Major DE LOOZ CORSWAREM

On July 17 the 22nd Fuselier Battalion returns to Leopoldsburg, Belgium.

The battalion undergoes additional training from September 9 1945 until November 27 1945.

Despite the additional training the 22nd Fuselier Battalion is disbanded on December 24 1945.

Commanding officers :
Major VAN TREEL from the start until May 22 1945
Lieutenant-Colonel BALESTRIE from May 22 1945 until August 6 1945
Major LOOZ DE CORSWAREM from August 6 1945 until disbandment.






The 22nd Fuselier Battalion had no proper formation badge,
but two of the three commanding officers created a breast pocket badge.

The first breast pocket badge was created by Major TREEL.

A bronze Roman cross outlined with firneedles,
a firapple in the centre, surmounted by a royal crown.
In 3 branches of the cross the insciption : "UTILE - FORT - VERT"
which means USEFUL - STRONG - GREEN.
In the 4th branch the inscription "22BF" for 22nd Battalion of Fuseliers.

The second breast pocket badge was created by Major LOOZ DE CORSWAREM.

A green sprucefir with the inscription "22BF", together with the Royal monogram,
on a red - yellow background, with the igolden inscription "UTILE - FORT - VERT" above it all.
The whole on a heraldic shield with a black border.

1st Breast Pocket Badge of the 22nd Fuselier Battalion   2nd Breast Pocket Badge of the 22nd Fuselier Battalion


Lapel badge worn on civilian clothing