1945 - 1946





The 28th Fuselier Battalion was raised at Gent on March 7 1945.

The battalion was administratively attached to the 16th Fuselier Brigade on March 28 1945.

On May 12 the battalion starts guarding POL installations and harbour facilities
in the area of Gent and Sint-Niklaas.

Gent, Citadelpark, beginning of June 1945.
The Prefect (Principal) of the Saint Barbara College of Gent hands over a standard
to the commanding officer of the 28th Fuselier Battalion, Major LECOCQ.
View on the ceremony at the Citadelpark in Gent, June 1945.
View on the ceremony during the National Anthem.

On May 16 1945 the battalion is put at the disposal of the 21st Army Group.

The 28th fuselier Battalion leaves Gent for Beverloo on August 1 1945
where they start guarding Belgian political prisoners.

On November 11 1945 the battalion leaves Belgium and travels to Hamburg, Occupied Germany,
 where they are put under the operational command of the British 43th Infantry Division.

The 28th Fuselier Battalion is stationed at Bendersdorf, Buchholz and Kiechen.

Autumn 1945, area of Buccholz, Germany.
Corporal GERMEYS on guard.
  Autumn 1945, area of Buccholz, Germany.
Corporal GERMEYS with a comrade of the 43th Infantry Division.

On May 6 1946 the  battalion returns to Lier, Belgium.

The 28th Fuselier Battalion is disbanded at Lier on June 8 1946.

Commanding Officers





The only official Formation Badge that was worn by the 28th Fuselier Battalion
was the badge of the 16th Fuselier Brigade "HAELEN".

Formation Badge worn by the 28th Fuselier Battalion


Corporal GERMEYS J. (left) wearing the formation badge.
He also wears a service chevron above the corporal insignia.


It is said that during their stay in Occupied Germany, the men of the 28th Fuselier Battalion
wore the Formation Badge of the 43 Infantry Division.

A yellow wyvern on a dark blue square.

As it was tolerated and not officially recognised, it is difficult to confirm the wearing.

Until now, I have met only one veteran who has confirmed this wearing.

Formation Badge of the 43th Infantry Division.




Belgian Rank Insignia were worn.

On the shoulder straps the Belgian Crown, for the Infantry,was  worn above the number "16".

The Infantry flash was worn on both sleeves.

On the left sleeve the white "BELGIUM" title was worn.

On the right sleeve the Belgian National Colours were worn.

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