1945 - 1946





The 46th Fuselier Batallion is raised at Hoogboom (Antwerpen) on April 12 1945.

Already  on April 27 1945 the battalion is administratively attached to the 17th Fuselier Brigade "HAELEN".

After the instruction period the unit is put at the disposal of the Belgian Gendarmerie on June 14 1945.

The battalion is assigned to the "Frontier Service".

Their main task is the control of all traffic between Belgium and Germany,
with the aim of detecting black market infiltration and subversive elements.

46th Fuselier Battalion.
Attestation of incorporation.

The battalion is stationned at Eupen, Neu-Moresnet, Eynatten, Raeren and Elsenborn.

On August 2 1945 the 46th Fuselier Battalion is administratively attached to the 27th Fuselier Brigade.

The unit stays at the Belgian-German border until Februari 14 1946 when it moves to Brussels
where guard duty is started at the Royal Palaces of Laeken and Brussels.

The 46th Fuselier Battalion is disbanded on April 15 1946.

Commanding Officer





As far as known the 46th Fuselier Battalion had no formation badge of its own.

They didn't wear the formation badge of the 17th Fuselier Brigade "HAELEN"
because they left the brigade before the distribution of the badges.

The 27th Fuselier Brigade had no formation badge.


During their borderguard period a specific arm title was worn, though not official.

The words "FRONTIER SERVICE" in white capital letters, on a curved black background.

The arm title was worn on the left arm.

"FRONTIER SERVICE" arm title worn by the 46th Fuselier Battalion.


Belgian Rank Insignia were worn.

On the shoulder straps the Belgian Crown, for the Infantry, was  worn above the number "27".

The Infantry flash was worn on both sleeves.

On the left sleeve the white "BELGIUM" title was worn, except during the border period
when the "FRONTIER SERVICE" arm title was worn.

On the right sleeve the Belgian National Colours were worn.