1945 - 1946





The 50th Fuselier Battalion was raised at Hamme, Belgium, on April 20 1945.

On June 28 1945 the battalion was attached to the 18th Fuselier Brigade.

The 50th Fuselier Battalion provided the Guard of Honour
when general De Gaulle visited Brussels on October 10 1945,
and when Winston Churchill visited Antwerpen on November 17 1945.

The battalion also guarded German P.O.W.'s in the P.O.W. camp at Enghien, Belgium.

Picture taken by a fuselier of the 50th Fuselier Battalion,
while on guard duty at the P.O.W. camp at Enghien.

The 50th Fuselier Battalion was disbanded on April 30 1946.

Commanding officers :
Major MAURISSEN from the start until October 8 1945
Major DEVIJLDER from October 8 1945 until half November 1945
Mojor BURVENICH from half November 1945 until disbandment





A yellow heraldic lion facing to the left, with a black capital "W" on the background,
and the number "50" beneath, the whole on a scarlet shield with black border.

Formation Badge of the 50th Fuselier Battalion