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The 56th Fuselier Battalion was raised at Hamme on June 18 1945.

The battalion was administratively atteched to the 20th  Fuselier Brigade "ERTVELDE" on July 6 1945.

On July 8 1945 the 56th Fuselier Battalion left for Aalst.

The battalion was put at the disposal of the 21st Army Group on September 10 1945.

The city of Aalst presented a standard to the 56th Fuselier Battalion on September 13 1945  during a parade.

Aalst, September 13 1945. The 56th Fuselier Battalion receives a standard from the city of Aalst.
First from the right is the commanding officer Major DE WITTE DE HAELEN.
General view on the ceremony in front of the City Hall of Aalst.

The same day the battalion left Aalst and went to the Balgian coast at Heist.

On November 20 1945 the battalion leaves for Zeebruges.

The battalion leaves for Tielt on December 8 1945.

The main task of the battalion was guarding vital installations of the 21st Army Group.

The battalion also guarded German POW's at the 2232 POW Camp at Kwaremont.

On May 10 1946 the battalion is put at the disposal of the Belgian authorities,

 and  some of its elements leave the battalion for the 5th Infantry Brigade "MERCKEM" in Occupied Germany.

Requisition Order of the 56th Fuselier Battalion for an excercise terrain at the city of Tielt.

The 56th Fuselier Battalion is disbanded at Tielt on May 31 1946.

Commanding Officer





The only official Formation Badge that was worn by the 56th Fuselier Battalion
was the badge of the 20th Fuselier Brigade "ERTVELDE".

The badge was introduced by Brigade Order n 43 of October 17 1945.

The Formation Badge had to be worn on both sleeves.

Formation Badge worn by the 56th Fuselier Battalion.



Belgian Rank Insignia were worn.

On the shoulder straps the Belgian Crown, for the Infantry,was  worn above the number "20".

The Infantry flash was worn on both sleeves.

On the left sleeve the white "BELGIUM" title was worn.

On the right sleeve the Belgian National Colours were worn.

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