1944 - 1945






The 5th Fuselier Battalion was raised at Charleroi, Belgium, on October 7 1944.

Poster informing the citizens of Charleroi of the raising of the 5th Fuselier Battalion.

On December 1 1944 the battalion came under the operational command of the 1st US Army.

The battalion guards POL depots and Lines of Communication for the 23rd Tank Destroyer Group.

During the battle of the Bulge the battalion takes up defensive positions and even helps to evacuate
a large POL depot under enemy fire (STARS and STRIPES January 8 1945).

Men of the 5th Fuselier Battalion during the Battle of the Bulge   We're going to hang our washing on the Siegfried Line....

The battalion crosses the Rhine on April 4 1945.

Mid June 1945 the battalion returns to Belgium where it is assigned to guard duties
at the 105 P.O.W Camp in Breedene at the Belgian Coast.

The 5th Fuselier battalion is disbanded on December 31 1945.

Commanding Officer Lieutenant-Colonel CUVELIER
and his adjudant major Major THOMAS
  The 5th Fuselier battalion in Kassel, Germany
May 1945

Commanding officers :
Lieutenant-Colonel CUVELIER from October 1944 until February 6 1945
Lieutenant-Colonel DEVAUX from February 6 1945  until May 1945
Major CLAES from May until October 1945
Major DUMAY from October 1945 until disbandment





The Belfort-tower of Charleroi on a black and white background,
the whole in a turned upside down triangle with a green border.

Most of the volunteers originate from Charleroi.

Because the 4th Fuselier Battalion was assigned to the 1st US Army,
the battalion was allowed to wear the formation badge of the 1st US Army.


Formation Badge of the 5th Fuselier Battalion   Formation Badge of the 1st US Army
as worn by the 5th Fuselier Battalion

The proper formation badge was worn on the left arm sleeve,
the badge of the 1st US Army was worn on the right arm sleeve.

Soldier of the 5th Fuselier Battalion
wearing the formation badge


Breast Pocket Badge   Lapel badge worn on civilian clothing