1945 - 1946




The 61ste Fuselier Battalion was raised at Berchem near Antwerpen on June 18 1945.

On July 6 1945 the unit was administratively attached to the 22nd Fuselier Brigade "RAPENBURG".

After the initial training period the battalion is put at the disposal of the Belgian Authorities
on September 6 1945.

The battalion is used for the guarding of German POW's working in the coalmines of Liège and Hainaut.

The battalion is split up and is billeted in Casteau, Maurage, Marchienne, Tertre and Fontaine-l'Evêque.

Letter from senior Captain Segers informing the battalion about the disbandment of the 22nd Fuselier Brigade.

On September 17 1945 the battalion is administratively transferred to the 21st Fuselier Brigade "ARDENNES".

On September 26 1945 the Staff of the battalion is billeted in the "Hôtel du Casino et des Bains" 
and the "Palace Hôtel" in Chaudfontaine.

Chaudfontaine, Palace Hotel at Chaudfontaine where some of the Staff was billeted.

The unit is again split up and scattered over Ressaix, Casteau, Tilleur, Seraing, Binche, Lize,
Maurage and Micheroux.

The battalion is administratively reattached to the 27th Fuselier Brigade on  November 30 1945.

List of billeting facilities at Maurage used by the 5th Coy of the 61st Fuselier Battalion.

On February 1 1946 the battalion is administratively transeferred to 10th Fuselier Brigade "KORTEMARCK".

 One week later, the 61st Fuselier Battalion is reunited at the "Prins Albert" barracks in Brussels.

The 61st Fuselier Battalion is disbanded in Brussels on February 28 1946 .

Commanding Officers
Senior Captain SEGERS from the start until November 14 1945
Major LEMMENS from November 14 1945 until disbandment





The 61ste Fuselier Battalion wore only one formation badge.

The formation badge of the 21st Fuselier Brigade "ARDENNES".

A yellow lion ramping to the left, in front of a black capital "A",with a black "21" beneath.
The whole on a scarlet shield.

Formation Badge of the 21st Fuselier Brigade as worn by the 61st Fuselier Battalion.

The badges were distributed on November 5 1945.

When the 61st Fuselier battalion was administratively transferred to the 27th Fuselier Brigade,
they continued to wear the badge until disbandment of the battalion.



Belgian Rank Insignia were worn.

On the shoulder straps the Belgian Crown, for the Infantry, was  worn above the number "21".

I have no information confirming the wearing of the "27" or "10".

The Infantry flash was worn on both sleeves.

On the left sleeve the white "BELGIUM" title was worn.

On the right sleeve the Belgian National Colours were worn.

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