The 8th Fuselier Battalion was raised at Tervuren, near Brussels, on December 7 1944.

The battalion was administratively attached to the 12th Fuselier Brigade "LI╚GE" on December 15 1944.

After the training period, the 8th Fuselier Battalion came under the operational command
of the HQ 4th Lines of Communication Sub Area, 21st Army Group, on February 3 1945.

Neuenkirchen, Germany, May 1945.
Staff Company of the 8th Fuselier Battalion.

On May 23 1945 the battalion left for Wagenfeld, Occupied Germany, and was put
at the disposal of the 2nd British Army.

During its stay in Germany, the 8th Fuselier Battalion was encamped at Nienburg, Brockum, Fahrenhorst,
Uchte, Wagenfeld, Freistadt, Kuppendorf, Sulingen, Str÷hen, Bl÷ckwinkel and Neuenkirchen.

Canteen Pass from sergeant DE  CROOCQ, war volunteer 8th Fuselier Battalion.

On February 1 1946 the 8th Fuselier Battalion was administratively attached
to the 16th Fuselier Brigade "HAELEN".

On May 8 1946 the battalion returned to Belgium.

The 8th Fuselier Battalion was disbanded at Bastogne on June 8 1946.

Commanding Officers
Lieutenant-Colonel BAECKELANDT from the start until June 11 1945
Senior Captain CROY from June 11 1945 until September 26 1945
Major GOODSEEL from September 26 1945 until disbandment





At first the 8th Fuselier Battalion wore no formation badge.

On June 24 1945 an order was issued by the Commander of the 12th Fuselier Brigade "LI╚GE",
stating that the Formation Badge of the 12th Fuselier Brigade had to be worn on both sleeves.

A gold lion, facing to the left, in front of a black "L", the whole on a scarlet shield.

No other formation badge has been worn.

Formation Badge of the 12th Fuselier Brigade, worn by the 8th Fuselier Battalion.




Belgian Rank Insignia were worn.

On the shoulder straps the crossed rifles, for the Fuseliers, were worn above the number "8".

The Infantry flash was worn on both sleeves.

On the left sleeve the white "BELGIUM" title was worn.

On the right sleeve the Belgian National Colours were worn.

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