2 Marine Companies have been raised.

Their main task was to transport military material, for the Allied High Command, with barges,
through the interior waterways and the Belgian harbours.


Recruitment Poster in French.


Recruitment Poster in Dutch - Flemish.

Both companies were raised at Londerzeel, Belgium.

The 1st Marine Company on March 7 1945, the 2nd Marine Company on April 3rd 1945.

The 1st Marine Company was put at the disposal of the 21st Army Group on April 4 1945,
and was stationed at Antwerpen on June 1 1945.

The company worked under the supervision of the British 951st Inter Water Transport Unit.

The 2nd Marine Company stayed at the disposal of the Belgian Military Authorities,
and was stationed at Desteldonk, near Gent, on June 16 1945.

2nd Marine Company; harbour of Gent, 1945.
Barge ready for transport.

Harbour of Gent, 1945.
Men of the 2nd Marine Company.

Both companies were disbanded on September 30 1945.

Commanding Officers :
Senior Captain ANTHONE for the 1st Marine Company
Senior Captain VERHAEGEN for the 2nd Marine Company






Only the 1st Marine Company wore a Formation Badge.

The Formation Badge of the Lines of Communications Troops of the 21st Army Group.

A blue cross on a red shield.

Formation Badge worn by the 1st Belgian Marine Company.


Private MOONS, 1st Marine Company. Detail of picture with visible "1", anchor and "BELGIUM".  



Sme in the 1st Marine Company wore the arm title "IWT" instead of the Belgian National Colours.

IWT is the abbreviation of Inter Water Transport.

IWT Arm Title
Belgian workmanship.



All men wore Belgian rank insignia, the national colours on the right arm, and a white "BELGIUM" on the left arm.

On both arms, the flash of the engineers, blue-red, was worn.

Belgian National Colours   White "BELGIUM" Arm Title    
Engineer flash    

On both shoulders staps they wore a badge of their own, an anchor in white tread, normally with a white "1" or "2" above..

Anchor Badge as worn on both shoulders.

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