In May 1940 the Infantry School had to cease its activities, due to the invasion of Belgium.

After the liberation of Belgium in September 1944, the Infantry School was reopened
on October 30 1944  at Tervuren near Brussels.

1945, Tervuren (Brussels). Session of Officers Cadets.

Basic military training.

The main task of the Infantry School was to train and to "mould" new NCO's and officers for the Infantry.

Courses lasted for 14 weeks, during which technical, physical as well as leadership training was given.


Officer Cadets on manoeuvre fall 1945.


Officer Cadets trainig with small mortars.

The Infantry School was disbanded on November 30, 1946.

Commanding Officer :




A rising sun beneath 2 crossed black rifles,and a Belgian yellow King's crown above.

The whole on a scarlet triangle.


Embroidered version, with black border.


Embroidered version, with yellow border.


Woven version, with black crown.


Printed version, black on red.


Pupil on manoeuvre, with the Formation badge on his left arm.
Watch also the "BELGIUM" title and the Infantry flash.



The cadets wore a white rectangle with a Belgian lion on their béret.

A silver embroidered lion was also worn on the beret.

Embroidered beret badge.

 Crowns (Infantry Brigades and Fuselier Brigades) or crossed rifles (Fuselier Battalions)
were worn on the shoulder straps.

They also wore a white slip-over on their shoulder straps indicating that they were cadets.

Pupil with Formation Badge, white rectangle under the Belgian lion,
and the white slip-overs on the shoulder straps.
Also note the crossed rifles on the shoulder straps.

On the left arm they wore a white "BELGIUM" title.

On the right arm the Belgian national coulors were worn.

On both arms the red flash of the infantry was also worn.

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