I found almost no information about the Inspectorate General.

What is known is that it was created end 1944,
and that the first Inspector General was Lieutenant General BEERNAERTS.

Lieutenant General BEERNAERTS

The main task of the Inspectorate General was to control the implementation of the directives
issued by the Ministry of Defence, and to suggest improvements.





Formation Badge.

A yellow lion in front of 2 crossed red swords, the whole on a black shield with a red border.

Woven version   Embroidered version


September 5, 1945, Lt Gen BEERNARTS (right) with his aide-de-camp (left)
in conversation with Major BLONDEEL (middle)
officer commanding of the Belgian SAS Parachutist Regiment.
Lt Gen BEERNAERTS inspecting a detachment of the SAS.
He wears the badge of the Inspectorate General.
Lt Gen Beernarts with the formation badge of the Inspectorate General clearly visible.

Inspector nameplate and armband.

There also existed a red armband with the words "BELGIAN ARMY - INSPECTOR".

Idem for the nameplate.

Both were intended as a sign of recognition for a member of the Inspectorate General, while on duty.

Armband for members of the Inspectorate General.
Nameplate for members of the Inspectorate General.
Knokke, Belgian coast, Spring 1945. Taking of the oath by a Belgian Sub Lieutenant.
The Major on the left wears the "Belgian Army Inspector" armband.

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