1945 - 1948





After the liberation of Belgium, in September 1944, the Belgian Government faced the problem
of the neglected coalmines.

It was of the upmost importance, for the Belgian industry,
that the production in the coalmines was hugely increased.

This meant that the coalmines had to be repaired.

As security in the coalmines depended on well build shafts,
it was necessary to obtain large amounts of wood.

Therefore a first Forestry Unit was raised on February 27 1945 at Chimay.

Commanding officer : Senior Captain LAGAGE.

The unit worked in the Ardennes.

Belgium, Ardennes, May 1946, men of the 3rd Forestry Unit in action.
Ardennes, May 1946, men of the 3rd Forestry Unit returning to barracks at the end of a work day.
Belgium, April 26 1946. The 3rd Forestry Unit moves to the Ardennes after finishing their instruction.

A few months later the Belgian Government received the authorisation from the British High Command
to exploit the forests in the German area of Wenau, Monschau, Höffen, Gemund and Schleiden.

The exploitation of this area meant that several other Forestry units had to be raised.

As a first step the Forestry Company was reorganised into the Forestry Unit on April 1 1945.

4 Forestry Units had to be raised.

The Forestry Unit became the 1st Forestry Uit on December 13 1945.

1946,Germany, near the Belgian border. Staff of the 3rd Forestry Unit.

In 1945 68.782 m3 of wood were delivered to the coalmines.

In 1946 the production reached 185.974 m3.

The exploitation of the forests was ceased  on September 15 1948.

Letter from the 4th Forestry Unit.


1st Forestry Unit December 13 1945 December 31 1948 Major LAGAGE
Major DERY
2nd Forestry Unit January 1 1946 February 17 1947 Major DIEPERINCK
3rd Forestry Unit January 1 1946 January 1 1949 Major DANLOY
4th Forestry Unit February 10 1946 October 1 1946 Major PANIER
Senior Captain MINNE
Senior Captain LECOMTE
Senior Captain L'ENTREE
Senior Captain PINCHART
Major DERY


Major DANLOY, Commanding Officer of the 3rd Forestry Unit.
This picture was taken in 1950 when Major Danloy was already Lieutenant-Colonel.




The Forestry Units had no formation badge or arm title of their own.

As far as known they also wore no formation badge of a Allied unit.

They had specific insignia which were worn on the shoulder straps of the Battle Dress blouse.

A hunting-horn on three oak leaves.

White embroidered badges and metal badges were both worn.

Embroidered version
Bronze metal version   Brass metal version


Belgian Rank Insignia were worn.

On the left sleeve a white "BELGIUM" title was worn.

On the right sleeve the Belgian National Colours were worn, black facing front.

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